Age: 33
Location: colombia
Description: Centro de Media Independente - Rádio Paralelo
Location: Portugal
Hometown: Porto
Description: gaming, horror and movie fanatic / I play VRC sometimes
Description: Diario Tradicionalista
Location: CDMX, Méjico
Age: 30
Location: Russia
Location: Россия


Location: japan
Description: Interessée par l'autogestion en général, je participe à celle de Thechangebook dont radiolutte et ses éphémérides anar. Logiciel libre, fediverse, informatique, émancipation, ...
Description: Die neuesten Nachrichten und Veranstaltungen.
Description: I'm an EFL teacher from Abrantes, Portugal.
Age: 54
Location: Portugal
Hometown: Abrantes
About: Olá!

Eu sou português, casado com uma mulher adorável, Isabel, pai de duas lindas raparigas, Beatriz e Daniela, e sou professor de Inglês.

Gosto de muitas coisas, como podem ver na minha lista de etiquetas.



I'm Portuguese, married to a lovely lady, Isabel, father of two beautiful girls, Beatriz and Daniela, and I'm an EFL teacher.

I'm into many things, as you can see in my tag list.
Description: Свобода, Приватность, Безопасность
Description: 👙 Girl, Woman 💃 Single 🎂 21 years old ♊ Gemini 💼 Shop Servant, 🐱​ Open Booking.
Location: Indonesia
About: 👇About Soraya Pepe👇

I like reading online news, relationship, friendship, n more.  I usually post in Indonesian Language, but i post here using english with the help of google translate.

More About Me:
My Bio ID 👙  Profile Soraya Pepe
My Blog  🍩 Soraya Blog

👇My Community👇
i very  like hubzilla social media, but i don't have enough money to pay server. Hope someday I can run my own hub server. I'm currently using a free hosting service the: 🤞 Free To Create a Web Forum, to run my small community web forum, and using my own custom domain : 🤞 Soraya Forum OK

👇My Work/employment👇
Currently working on a contract with a shift system (changing hours and positions) as: a Shop Servant, a Cafe Resto Waiter, and Hotel Room Service at one of the local business owned by the entrepreneur. I also have a side job according to consumer demand such as serving in hotel rooms, accompanying trips, being an entertainment tool (as an comfort girl) at party/events, being a photo model girl for a full open style according to what clients want, etc.
🔮  Booking Soraya Pepe

👇Available for👇
👙 Hotel Room Special Service 🩱
💃 Event Entertainer 🍕
✈ Accompany the Journey 🚗
🎥 Special Photography 📷
🪑 Others On Request 🧷
ALL via: Send PM


Do you want me to be the an entertainer (a comfort girl) at your party/event?
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👇My Contact information and social networks👇
Blog: 🔗 Soraya Blog Wanita
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VK: 🔗 sorayapepe
Twitter: 🔗 @soraya_se
Tumblr 🔗 sorayapepe
Paypal 🔗 tokosoraya
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Instagram 🔗 sorayablog
SoundCloud 🔗 sorayapepe
Tiktok 🔗 @tokosoraya

👇My others channels👇
Youtube 🔗 @SorayaBlog

👇My Love/Romance👇
Description: мой децентрализованный личный блог и блог админа ОИХТ
Age: 36
Location: Россия
Hometown: Екатеринбург
About: верю в Бога, очень общительный, создатель и администратор христианских интернет-проектов ОМХТ и РХИТ
и просто весёлый человек
Description: христианский проект - мировая версия
Location: христианский мир
About: Христианский проект здесь вы можете найти христианские картинки, клипы, аудио, трансляции служений, и многое другое проект ОМХТ был создан 14.06.14 в google+
Description: Fediverse ≠ activitypub ≠ mastodon...
Description: LazPlanet is a beginner friendly blog for Lazarus and Free Pascal tutorials and projects - (This may be the new home for the community in fediverse.)
About: LazPlanet is a beginner friendly blog for Lazarus and Free Pascal tutorials and projects -
This may be the new home for the community in fediverse.
Description: Webdev, Linux/BSD/Unix and Free Software enthusiast, programmer, writer, teacher
Location: Bangladesh
Description: Блог об информационных технологиях и обо всём, что с ними связано.
Description: Free Software Education
Keywords: gnu, linux, free, software
About: I am a computer sensei.
About: Sisal Carpet is well known for it’s utmost service in Sisal Carpet products. We provide services all across United Arab Emirates, Gulf Region and we even export our products Internationally. We sell in both retail & Whole Sale.


Description: Eh
Description: news from latinoamerica about diferent kinds of oppresions
Description: Brian Small's attempt to work with this nomadic "do-everything" network.
Age: 53
Location: Miyazaki, Japan
Hometown: Philadelphia
Location: Portugal
Hometown: Abrantes
About: I'm a Portuguese EFL teacher.
Keywords: beekeeping
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