Description: 👙 Girl, Woman 💃 Single 🎂 21 years old ♊ Gemini 💼 Shop Servant, 🐱​ Open Booking.
Location: Indonesia
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I like reading online news, relationship, friendship, n more.  I usually post in Indonesian Language, but i post here using english with the help of google translate.

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i very  like hubzilla social media, but i don't have enough money to pay server. Hope someday I can run my own hub server. I'm currently using a free hosting service the: 🤞 Free To Create a Web Forum, to run my small community web forum, and using my own custom domain : 🤞 Soraya Forum OK

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Currently working on a contract with a shift system (changing hours and positions) as: a Shop Servant, a Cafe Resto Waiter, and Hotel Room Service at one of the local business owned by the entrepreneur. I also have a side job according to consumer demand such as serving in hotel rooms, accompanying trips, being an entertainment tool (as an comfort girl) at party/events, being a photo model girl for a full open style according to what clients want, etc.
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👙 Hotel Room Special Service 🩱
💃 Event Entertainer 🍕
✈ Accompany the Journey 🚗
🎥 Special Photography 📷
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